WASC teleconference, 23 Oct 06

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Caltech participants: Carolyn Ash, Miriam Feldblum, Henry Lester, Stacey Scoville, Barbara Green, David Goodstein, Richard Murray

WASC participants: ???

How will we consider student work?

  • How will we investigate student work and student learning?

How does proposal fit in with the WASC guidelines?

  • Teams will be used to WASC guidelines
  • Eg, in depth discussion of what we are doing on diversity

Two questions

  • How will we use student work in the evaluation of learning outcomes?
  • How do three topics track with the WASC standards
    • By the time that the student graduates, need a way to evaluate the overall set of knowledge
    • Not clear that we plan to do this in the couse of this review

Response 1: learning outcomes

  • We evaluate students in a number of ways; involves evaluate of the results of research
    • RMM response: we can use ABET like results
    • Henry Lester: in biology, senior thesis + like to see students publishing papers

Response 2: WASC standards

  • How do standards relate to WASC guidelines
  • Need to map things onto the guidelines (Miriam will work on this)

Follow-up actions:

  • Need to plan on doing ABET-style analysis of learning outcomes