WASC: UASH meeting, 3 Apr 06

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Meeting with UASH on 3 April 2005. Present: Richard Murray and Brad Fillipone

Areas that we might consider looking into:

  • Quality of teaching
    • Princeton review (be careful of methodology)
    • Have a way to rebut it?
  • Core curriculum
    • Mix of courses
  • Workload issues
    • Workload is quite high, different years for different options
    • Underuniting of courses is probably the bigger issue
    • Large variability in what students can accomplish
  • Be careful not to make suggestions for change that may not be required
    • Don't let the process drive us to change if we don't need it
  • UG Research Committee: data show that Caltech might be good for student's self-confidence
    • This might be a bad thing
    • Caltech students seem more dispirited
  • Student mental health
    • Be careful about confidentiality

Data to gather

  • Student/Faculty conference notes
  • Exit survey: needs to be ready 1 May