WASC: John Hall meeting, 5 Apr 06

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Present: John Hall, Barbara Green, RMM

Ideas for things to change

  • Group that has responsibility for improving teaching at Caltech
    • Need a (faculty?) group to take responsibility for this
    • Goal would be to increase uniformity of good teaching
    • Some faculty are great, some are not so great, and some don't even seem to prepare (poor boardwork, poor organization)
    • Group should figure out how to collet information on teaching; perhaps redesign current form
    • Honor system also fits within this; sometimes not well understood
  • Giving new ideas for teaching methods
    • Could also serve TAs
    • Perhaps collect together ideas for best practices in some way
  • Rewarding good teaching
    • Should we be doing something to incentivize good teaching (salary)
  • How to make it happen
    • Who needs to approve? How do we get the conversation happen?
    • Setting up ongoing meetings with the faculty
    • Some sort of orientation
    • Needs to have a mechanism by which it is sustained
  • Other areas
    • Curriculum committee thinks about things like option requirements
    • How do we handle students that want to work in an area where we don't have a program (eg Ae)
  • Should think about how to get students involved in the entire process
    • Providing feedback
    • Low class attendance
  • A lot of students who can't complete their work on time
    • Should we study this; find the root cause?
    • Look at the number of courses people are taking? Double majors?