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Summer 2010 Murray Group Trip

Packing Considerations

We have baggage requirements for the Catalina Express and the Safari (aka HomeyG) Bus. The following is from the Catalina Express website: "Each passenger is allowed 2 pieces of luggage, no larger than 21×24x36 and weighing no more than 70 pounds each, to be stowed in the luggage compartment. In addition, each passenger may bring one carry-on that fits under airline style seating. Flammables or dangerous items are not allowed." [1]

However, since Sawyer and I are taking care of packing food, tents, and some other group items, we'd like to ask everyone to only have 1 piece of luggage, that includes your sleeping bag and pad, and 1 carry-on. We suggest a duffel bag for your sleeping bag and pad, clothes, and personal items, and a day pack/bookbag for your carry-on.

From the Weather Channel, the outlook for next week is highs in the upper 70's to low 80's, lows in the low 60's, no chance of rain, and sunny skies.

Packing List

  • day pack
  • hiking shoes or boots and socks (sneakers will probably be fine)
  • swimsuit(s)
  • towel(s) (there are showers available at the campsite)
  • flip-flops for beach/showers
  • toiletries- toothbrush/paste, sunscreen, bug spray, etc.
  • necessary medications (including anti-seasick if you get seasick on boats)
  • water bottles (fresh water is available at the campsite)
  • 3 days of clothing and underwear, including wind protection and warmth for the evenings
  • hat for the sun
  • lazy afternoon reading material
  • flashlight/super cool headlamp with fresh batteries
  • sleeping bag & pad (unless we're bringing one for you)
  • small first aid kit
  • money for lunch/dinner/entertainment in Avalon on Friday
  • Plate/bowl, cup, and utensils (Mary says it's okay to bring tupperware :^P)
  • shirt for surfing (optional- preferably not cotton)
  • snorkel gear (optional- can rent individually from Wet Spot Rentals on Catalina for $10/day by calling 310-510-2229)
  • camera (optional)
  • games (optional- for around campfire)
  • sunglasses (optional)

For additional ideas, check out Mary's backpacking packing list, Packing List, though not all items are necessary for this trip.

Group Items

Stuff we're planning on bringing (let us know if you think we forgot something):

  • large cooler/ice chest
  • large pot(s)
  • large frying pan
  • camp stove
  • coffee pot, filters, coffee (Richard)
  • Serving/mixing spoons/spatula
  • Cleaning materials
  • Pot holders
  • plastic baggies for lunch, trash bags
  • Food for 2 breakfasts, lunches, and dinners (veggie & meat)
  • Snacks and beverages
  • Toilet paper
  • Tents