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This page contains information on what various students are working on, mainly so that I can get coverage over the entire range of problems we are working on and at the same time deconflict students. This page is restricted so that I don't have to try to be too careful about capturing everything exactly right.

Name Comp Appl Theory Comments

Networked Control Systems

  • Packet-based estimation and control: individual packet loss → group communications
  • Distributed estimation and control: consensus → composition (V&V)
  • Open: Choice of rate, reliability and ordering
  • Open Topological consideration (spectra of Laplacians) (Zhipu?)
John Carson
  • ME
  • 1/2 time at JPL
SOS EDL V&V V&V using SOS. Current approach is to look at IQCs as a mechanism to capture constraints and then use SOS to construct proofs for things like RHC.
Stefano Di Cairano
  • Visitor: Jul 06 - Jul 07
  • Student of A. Bemporad
Alice Hybrid Will probably do something hybrid and/or RHC related. One possibility would be to work out a proof for the supervisory logic for the vehicle state estimator on Alice.
Michael Epstein
  • ME:
  • NDSEG fellowship through Sep 06
Alice? Stoch -
Ziad Fares
  • Visiting student
Alice RHC, KF Thinking about possible projects. I suggested that he do something related to (1) RHC/Follow interaction; (2) NTG/Optragen based planner w/ stability; (3) state jumps. Working on image registration CDS 273 project.
Melvin Flores
  • CDS:
  • Working part time at NGC
OTG Space RHC Should graduate by Dec 2006. NURBS + finding control points that meet spatial constraints.
Vijay Gupta
  • EE:
  • Graduating
Stoch Nice collection of results in distributed estimation with packet loss.
Zhipu Jin
  • EE:
  • Graduating
RoboFlag Graph theory Has done some good work on cooperative control. Has a 1/2 postdoc lined up with Andrea Bertozzi at UCLA. Can probably continue on a postdoc at Caltech, focused on MURI infrastructure. Could also look at some work on spectra of Laplacians.
Yasi Mostofi
  • EE postdoc
Comms Cross-channel feedback for sensor networks
Ling Shi
  • CDS:
Spread Stoch Multiple aspects of packet-based control. Try to get focused on plug and play architectures for estimation and control, including effects of group communication protocols (spread)
Demetri Spanos
  • CDS postdoc
Optim Looking at distributed computation and what can be accomplished. Need to push him to write up his results in journal form and work through a few significant applications. Will probably leave by fall.
Abhishek Tiwari
  • EE
  • Graduating
C4ISR Stoch Working on spatio-temporal planning, specifically feedback-based strategies for sensor selection. Need to get something done in this direction relatively quickly, so that he can graduate.


Julia Braman
  • ME: 2003-
  • NSF fellowship through Aug 06
MDS JPL, Alice CCL Goal and contingency management using MDS
Fei Wang
  • EE: 2003-
Alice Learning Adaptation and learning for sensor fusion on Alice. Currently try to sort out how low in the hierarchy to go (eg, sensor → action versus sensor → map)
Pete Trautman
  • CDS 2005-
PF Allce Interested in doing some work on MHE/PF for Alice. This could fit into some probabalistic reasoning about maps that would feed the V&V project.
Nok Wongpiromsarn
  • ME: 2005-
  • Rotation student
RoboFlag CCL Doing a rotation project looking at how to do distributed surveillance using CCL-style proofs. Has approached me about jointly advising with Joel; deferred until after midterms.


  • Open: modeling and analysis of quorom sensing
  • Open: insect-inspired flight control (Fuller?)
Luis Soto
  • CSULA MS student
Marine Eco Dyn Sys Working on modeling of marine ecosystems, following up on CDS 273 project.
Mary Dunlop
  • ME: 2003-
  • CSGF until Sep 06
E. Coli System ID Focused on system identification for synthetic biology, using both noise and forcing
Elisa Franco
  • CDS: 2005-
E. Coli Long term interesting in redesigning the feedback system of a bacterium. Likely initial focus is on design and analysis of feedback circuits (simpler than chemotaxis). Possibly jointly advised by Christina?
Sawyer Fuller
  • BE: 2004?-
  • NSF fellowship thru Sep 06
Drosophila Interested in working on something bio-inspired, but robotics/control focused. Working on GUF for CDS 273; try to focus on something betwene MD's lab and my group.
Henrik Sandberg
  • CDS postdoc: 2005-
B. Subtilis Robust Trying to find some nice work on "rest of the world" modeling, aimed at biological circuits. Currently doing a CDS 273 project with Elowitz, which I hope will allow some biologically directed theory over the summer.
Steve Waydo
  • CDS 2001-
GUF Vision TBD Setting up a project on feedback based vision. Working on CDS 273 project with GUF.