Steve Schiff May 2007

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Schedule for Steven Schiff, visiting 22-23 May.


7:30a   Breakfast with Richard at Ath
8:30a   Richard and Steve W
10:30a   Seminar prep
11:00a   Seminar
12:00p   Lunch with Richard, Gabor Orosz
1:30p   Open
2:00p   Gabor Orosz (visitor for U. Exeter, CDS library)
3:00p   Richard
5:00p   Open
6:00p   RMM Group meeting (if you want)


8:00a   Richard
10:00a   Jeff Rogers, CDS library
11:00a   Open
12:00p   Lunch (on your own)
1:30p   Richard
3:00p   CDS tea
3:30p   Richard
5:00p   Open