Southern California Control Workshop, 10 May 2013

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This workshop is intended as a forum for students and postdocs working in control systems in the Southern California area to present their research in an informal setting. If you would like to attend, please click on the registration form link to the right.

  • Registration deadline: 6 May 2013


  • The workshop will be held in 24 Beckman Behavior Biology (BBB), building 76 on the Caltech campus map. 24 Beckman Behavior Biology is located in the basement on the south side of the building. There are stairs on the ground floor that lead directly to the lecture hall.
  • Registration is free.
  • Directions to Caltech. You can use Google Maps
  • The closest place to park is the north Wilson parking structure (building 123 on the campus map). You can pick up a ticket from the kiosk ($6 for the day) and park in any unnamed space.


8:00a   Coffee and pastries
8:30a   Introduction and welcome
8:45a   Session 1 (3 talks, session chair: Ivan)
  • Robust Control via Convex Optimal Uncertainty Quantification: Algorithms and a Case Study, Shuo Han (Caltech)
  • Economic Model Predictive Control: Computational Efficiency and Chemical Process Applications, Matthew Ellis (UCLA)
  • Decentralized Control for Asymmetric Information Patterns: Overview and New Results, Naumaan Nayyar (USC)
10:15a   Break
10:30a   Session 2 (3 talks, session chair: Anandh)
  • Specification and Synthesis of Aircraft Electric Power Systems, Huan (Mumu) Xu (Caltech)
  • Towards modularity in biological networks while avoiding retroactivity, Hari Sivakumar (UCSB)
  • Robust Distributed Continuous-Time Dynamics for Linear Programming, Dean Richert (UCSD)
12:00p   Speed talks - 1 PDF slide, 90 seconds each (sign up at workshop)
12:15p   Lunch
1:30p   Session 3: (3 talks, session chair: Yoke Peng)
  • Specification guided controller synthesis for linear systems and safe linear-time temporal logic, Matthias Rungger (UCLA)
  • Stability of discrete-time systems with stochastically delayed feedback, Marcella Gomez (Caltech)
  • Computationally Efficient Design of Optimal Strategies for Semiactive Damping Devices, Mahmoud Kamalzare (USC)
3:00p   Break
3:30p   Session 4: (3 talks, session chair: Stephanie)
  • Power system dynamics as primal-dual algorithm for optimal load control, Changhong Zhao (Caltech)
  • Adaptive Wave Cancellation by Acceleration Feedback for Ramp-Connected Air Cushion-Actuated Surface Effect Ships, Halil Basturk (UCSD)
  • Robust synchronization on the circle via stochastic hybrid feedback, Matt Hartman (UCSB)
5:00p   Adjourn (to Rathskellar, for drinks)