SURF discussions, Jan 2014

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Slots for talking with applicants and co-mentors about SURF projects. Please sign up for one of the slots below. All times are PST.

27 Jan (Mon)

  • 9:00: Anton, Vipul and Clare
  • 11:00: Open
  • 11:30: Juan and Ioannis

28 Jan (Tue)

  • 13:00: Robert and Yilin
  • 13:30: Pulkit, Clare and Vipul
  • 14:00: Open
  • 14:30: Open

29 Jan (Wed)

  • 9:30: Mattias Fält and Vasu Raman
  • 12:00: Linnea Persson and Scott Livingston

The agenda for the phone call is (roughly):

  1. Student: Description of the basic idea behind the project (based on students's understanding)
  2. All: Discussion about approaches, things to read, variations to consider, etc
  3. Mentor/co-mentor: Discussion of the format of the proposal
  4. Student: Questions and discussion about the process