SFC undergraduate education committee meeting 2006-11-29

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Present: 4 UGs, 4 faculty. Chair = Christine


  • Undergrads met on 2 Nov; Christine handed out notes

Teaching quality

Seminars for better teaching

  • Discussion of how to get faculty to participate
  • Problem we are trying to solve: uneven teaching
  • Perhaps set something up for new faculty (assistant professors)


  • Use scantron forms? Publish the results
  • GPS binds together TQFRs and hands out to all of the faculty
  • Perhaps when you drop a course, you should have to fill out a questionnaire (why did you drop)
  • Finding a way to provide feedback is very useful, but need to be careful that comments reflect teaching and not just the difficulty of the course
  • Is there a forum where faculty get together to talk about teaching?
    • Could we create some sort of forum for interdivisional meetings?
  • Who reads faculty evaluations and how does feedback happen?

Problems to solve

  • Communication between professors and TAS - TAs don't know what the professors want
  • Class web sites are useful; would like to see more of these
  • Lecturing style
    • legibility of the writing; can't tell what they wrote
    • projection; speaking to the room instead of to an individual or the blackboard
  • Materials out of data - sets were ignoring some new technology


  • Possibly survey ombuds next term to see what people are doing and what works
  • Midterm survey in courses that we (people on the committee) are involved with
  • Could we create more meetings between students and faculty?

Undergraduate workload


  • Some students never meet with their advisors; except to get drop cards signed
  • Some people take classes and then realize that it wasn't the right collection; nobody along the way who can provide advice
  • Online course registration is convenient, but it cuts down on advisor/advisee communication

General theme

  • More faculty/study interaction

Class attendance

Centralization of teaching