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This page contains information intended to help keep track of who is working on what.

SourceForge developers

Name Activities Status
Erik Bailey inactive
Steven Brunton modelsimp, MIMO active
Kevin Chen modelsimp, SS/TF conversion, MIMO active
Sawyer Fuller pade(), unwrap() active
Allan McInnes nichols active
Richard Murray python-control/Slycot integration active
Lauren Padilla modelsimp, MIMO, python-control/Slycot integration active
Gunnar Ristroph inactive
Tony Vanelli inactive

Additional contributers

A number of individuals are working on code that they have contributed to the project.

  • Roberto Bucher has written a package called yottalab that has functions for converting continuous time systems to discrete time, computing minimal realizations, and solving Ricatti equations.
  • Enrico Avventi has been putting together a set of SLICOT wrappers for python. These will be used for implementing various analysis and synthesis tools that are implemented in SLICOT.
  • Ryan Knauss has written a number of control functions for a controls course that he teaches using python. With Ryan's agreement, we are incorporating his functionality into the python-control library. In particular, Ryan has done a lot of work on functions for doing continuous-time to discrete-time conversions, along with tools for frequency response and root locus based design.
  • Eike Welk has contributed MIMO-compatible version of the time response functions (forced response, step response, etc) and many improvements to the documentation.

MATLAB functionality

A list of current MATLAB functions that are available via python-control is available in the user manual:

We are always looking for contributions that added functionality to the package.