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This page contains information on compiling and adding information to the graduate textbook 'Networked Sensing, Estimation and Control Systems' by Vijay Gupta, Richard Murray, Ling Shi and Bruno Sinopoli.

Obtaining the source files

The source files for the book are maintained using Subversion. Subversion is standard on most linux distributions and a variety of clients are available for Macs and PCs. More information on subversion (including links to binary installations) is available via the subversion homepage:

Once you have subversion installed, you can check out the latest copy of the book using the command:

 svn checkout

When you run the command, you should get prompted for your username and password. Send e-mail to Richard if you don't have/remember this information. If all works well, you should have a directory ncs that has a bunch of files in it.

Directory structure

The book contents are organized by chapter, with the source code for each chapter in a separate subdirectory. All files for the chapter (latex source, figures, etc) are included in the subdirectory.

Compiling the book

There are basically two stages to compiling the book: generating all of the figures and running latex. To generate the figures that are needed for the text, type 'make' in the each of the chapter subdirectories. This should create any figures that are required. Once you have created the figures, you can run 'latex ncsbook' to create ncsbook.dvi. Alternatively, running make in the main directory should generate the dvi file and also create a PDF file.

The book uses a number of standard LaTeX macro packages. Some installations of TeX may not have these packages installed, in which case you can just grab the missing style file and put it in the main book directory. You can find all of the standard packages that are used via CTAN: