Naming Conventions

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Naming Conventions

Every page in the wiki must have a unique name. To make it easy to keep track of page names, use the following convention:

(project name)_(team name)_(component name)_(short descriptor)


  • project name: the name of the project (MVWT, DGC75, etc)
  • team name (optional): if this page is associated with a specific team, use the team name here
  • component name (optional): if this refers to a specific component (ala bugzilla), but it here
  • short descriptor: use a short descriptive phrase. If more than one word, captitalize each word and run them together (no spaces, no underscores)

If you leave out one of the items above, you can also leave out the leading underscore. For items that have dates, you should use the format YYYY-MM-DD.