NME130/Synthesis theory

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Three tracks:

  • Algorithms and complexity (3 lectures)
    • Algorithm design, some data structures
    • Asymptotic analysis (big O notation)
    • Basic complexity theory
  • Information and coding (3 lectures)
    • Largely covered by information theory module
  • Dynamics and control (3 lectures)
    • Basic synthesis (LQR, ...)
    • Bode integral formula (requires transfer functions)
  • Everything else (1-2 lectures)
    • Bode+Shannon, Carnot
    • Case studies...


  • Algorithms
    • Combinatorial (shortest path) and continuous (linear programs, interior point)
    • Bring up issues of data representation in discrete algoithsm
    • Use these to motivate some of the complexity classes
  • Coding theory - shouldn't just leave this to information theory section
    • Multi-description codes, RAID arrays
    • Congestion control: feedback plus a bit of coding
    • Possibly fewer than 3 lectures
  • Dynamics and control
    • Perhaps say something about integral action, internal model control