Model reduction verification in TXTL, with Edward Hancock

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Skype meeting with Ed, Jul 7 2014

1) Main project ideas:

  1. Test Uniform degradation
  2. Test Hill Function orders by varying loading of repressor etc.
  3. Identify Units (need more details on this)

2) Circuit set up:

  • pconst--Repressor_Reporter1_fusion
  • pRepressed1--Reporter2
  1. Repressor-Reporter fusion proteins can be sent over from Imperial: lacI-GFP fusion and tetR-mCherry fusion.
  2. Need RFU to nM conversion curves for these fusion proteins. Check how much effort this requires, and what the procedure is.
  3. Since tetR and lacI are multimer dominant, we would like some monomer dominant proteins as well. Figure 3 in the appendix of Ed's paper shows that GalR and Clambda are possibly such repressors. It would be good to obtain these Repressors in advance and test them out. What promoter des GalR repress? Check literature.
  4. One question is: How reasonable is it to just assume that GFP and lacI-GFP have the same fluorescence.

Plan for materials prep

Need Fusion proteins (at least 1, two preferred) Need GalR and cLambda on const promoter. Need the promoters for GalR and cLambda