Masataka Nishi, May 2011

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Masataka Nishi from Hitachi will visit on 17 May 2011. Schedule below.

12:00p   Lunch with Richard, Ufuk, Necmiye (Ath)
  • Meet in Richard's office
  • Overview of Hitachi interests
  • Discussion of possible collaborations
1:30p   Overview of MuSyC activities (110 Steele)
  • Ufuk: RHTLP, TuLiP
  • Necmiye: MuSyC, BPCU, camera network
2:45p   Discussion of possible collaboration opportunities (114 Steele)
  • Richard, Mumu and Scott will join the discussion
3:15p   Richard leaves; continued discussions (114 Steele)