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Jump to navigationJump to search is a file used creating worlds in Stage. It defines a default map object that can be create maps that model obstacles in specific situations.

Structure of

A map model inherits most of its properties from the default Stage model [1]. defines a map model that adds the following additional properties:

  • color "black"
    • sets the colors of obstacles in the world to black
  • boundary 1
    • prevents objects from moving out of the simulation area
  • gui_grid 1
    • draws a co-ordinate grid on the map
  • gripper_return 0
    • prevents robots with grippers from manipulating the map

When creating a .world file, the command include "" will make it possible for you to further define a map model. Some properties you can use are:

  • bitmap "file.png"
    • specify the obstacles in the environment using a bitmap
  • size [x y]
    • define the size of the environment
  • name "name"
    • lets you set up the map model from Player

Contents of

define map model
  # sombre, sensible, artistic
  color "black"

  # most maps will need a bounding box
  boundary 1

  gui_nose 0
  gui_grid 1
  gui_movemask 0
  gui_outline 0
  gripper_return 0