MVWTfest January 2007

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This page collections information for the January 2007 MVWTfest.

Participants: Julia Braman, Sawyer Fuller, JM McNew, Richard Murray, Kevin Oishi, Ketan Savla (Thu-Fri), David Thorsley, Steve Waydo (Mon), Nok Wongpiromsarn


  1. Implement a cooperative control algorithm using graph grammars and involving at least 4 vehicles
  2. Learn about graph grammars, cooperative control, MDS, etc
  3. Leave with the ability to implement algorithms


  • MVWT demos and training - get everyone up to speed on using the testbed
  • Fix up infrastructure and documentation, aimed at improving usability for everyone
  • Informal talks on research of general interest

Useful links:

  • MVWT - main wiki page (not very complete yet). We will fill this in during the week
  • Old MVWT page - we need to copy everything from here to the wiki
  • Steelebot Status - current operational status of the Steelebots. If you fix (or break) something, make a note of it here
  • Player/ Stage EGG Demo Status - current status of stage EGG demo simulations and future work.
  • Player/Vision Interface Status-- current staus of the interface between player code and the vision system and a list of needs.
  • MVWT network-- info on the MVWT wireless network



11a   Organizational meeting - set out goals and rough schedule
12:30p   Lunch break
1:30p   Lab demo and account setup
  • demos
  • initial infrastructure
  • EGG discussion
  • rough plan for week
  • More infra
    • CVS -> DGC subversion
  • get Steelebots to move (RMM)
    • extract SW
    • figure out comms
    • convert to run on gclab
  • player/stage/gazebo (Julia)
    • player/gazebo demo
    • getKetan software integrated (in player)
  • vision system (Steve, Sawyer)
    • verify HW
    • verify firmware
    • reconfig
4p   Recap for the day; plans for Tue
5p   Task 1
  • make 1 robot go in circle
  • make 4 Steelebots moving according to plan
  • finish graph classes
  • write a proximity function
  • complete JM's task 1


  • proximity functions
  • player code
  • finish graph classes (position + internal state)


  • Demo Control Code in stage
  • Update Player/Stage to the latest version
  • Update Robot.cfg in stage
  • Figure out how to interface the vision system and the control computer
  • Start work on Player graph grammar code using Demo 1 as the example
  • Make world


After Ketan arrives  
  • Document process for reprogramming Steelebot flash drives
  • Determine how to compile Player on Steelebots
  • Set up communication from the DGC cluster to the robots

Progress Meeting



UW people meet with Joel Burdick


UW people meet with Mani Chandy


  • 4 physical robots executing cooperative task specified as EGG
  • Plug adn play interface: EGG, CCL, MDS, ...
  • Learn about MVWT and Alice
  • Leave with simulation code (for EGG + MVWT)
  • Dynamic, flowing (loops, circles)
  • Leave EGG behind
  • Tell other people how testbed works
  • How to use SOS to proe EGG protocol
  • Vision system working
  • Subversion repository for code (MVWT, player/stage, EGG), tutorial
  • (partially) switch to DGC cluster
  • doc -> wiki
  • Fault detection ideas + (maybe) prototype implementation
  • Rethink/redo MVWT network
  • (UW people) Set up meetings with Mani Chandy, Jason Hickey, Joel Burdick