MVWT Slackware Installation

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We use Slackware 9.0 on the MVWT robots

Preparing a distribution on 1GB Flash

Boot Slackware 9.0 from CDROM (or floppy)

  • hit 'Enter' at startup, then 'F12' to get custom boot device, then '3' to boot from CDROM
  • At boot prompt, enter 'bare.i ide=nodma'. This allows the flash drive partitions to be scanned properly

Run fdisk to partition the flash drive

  • /dev/hdd1 - ext2, remainder of disk
  • /dev/hdd2 - ext2, 130 blocks for 256M disks, 256 blocks for 1G disks

Mount the slackware distribution from the hard disk

  • Mounting from CDROM doesn't seem to work (??)
  • 'mount /dev/hda5 /mnt/root'
  • Source distribution in is /mnt/root/tmp/slackware-9.0/slackware

Run 'setup' to install slackware on flash drive (/dev/hdd)

  • Use /dev/hdd2 as swap
  • Use /dev/hdd1 as root