MVWT Meeting 2004 07 22

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Weekly Project Meeting, 22 Jul 04

Goals and Agenda


  • Review timeline and upcoming activities
  • Review team activities, using status charts


  1. Review goals and agenda; select notetaker
  2. Upcoming events
  3. Team updates: vehicle, positioning, C2
  4. SVN overview
  5. Project review

Additional Information


Notes from Meeting

Vehicles: 1)Can we have no bats on the roof to accomidate one of the vision systems? 2)Use 40mm RFID disks for stablization on the bats. 3)Use mosazic system with a camera? -Needs image processing and will not work on bats 4)Simulink with RFID shows that RFID tags are needed for every 10cm. Orientation is bad and there is no means to correct it 5) Kelly controller: finshed design and started coding 6) Bats will use Kelly code but don't have a payload constraint yet 7) New bat design with lift fan in the center works well

Position: 1) Need to select roof solution soon. Two choices are RFID and DGPS 2) 3 weeks left to implement roof solution 3)DGPS orientation is probably bad too 4) No great options for rooftop vision system

C2 Team: 1) API box is now yellowish green. Now works for one robot

SVC: More help on

Other: 28th July - Project review. Richard will send the final agenda