MVWT Meeting 2004 07 15

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Weekly Project Meeting, 15 Jul 04

Goals and Agenda


  • Review timeline and upcoming activities
  • Review team activities, using status charts


  1. Review goals and agenda; select notetaker
  2. Upcoming events
  3. Team updates: vehicle, positioning, C2
  4. Lab cleanup folllowup

Additional Information


Notes from Meeting

1. Bugzilla task: CDS111 interface does not talk to vision properly, while Kelly interface does. Sort out the CDS111 interface.

2. Every team should prepare 1/2 hour presentation for outside reviewers. Tentative date: Friday next week.

3. Vehicle team: Decide on one of the skirt designs by first testing on burbermax and then with different controllers. If cannot decide by these methods just pick one of them.

4. Positioning team should ensure that data from external/internal RFID systems should be in the same format as from the vision system.

5. Richard suspects that the RFID module might need an estimator fusing information from other sensors as well, rather than simply the raw data. Zhipu suggests an arrow on architecture from positioning module to the estimator.

6. John and Dave should talk to Jeremy and Zhipu on whether arbitrary data needs to be sent to the controller; and how to do that.

7. Zhipu wants to be informed about the problem of vision with CDS 111 interface. Demetri and Mike are on to it.

8. Positioning team should look at DGC data to evaluate DGPS solution.

9. Shuffling of people: Anybody not doing anything productive or not allotted should talk to Demetri.

10. Ling says people not in C-2 or Roboflag team should not use the Windows machines.

11. Zhipu says one of the three windows machines might be infected. Bugzilla task: take care of it.