MURI Telecon 2005-10-31

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  • Good shape overall; just sent annotated PDF
  • Suggest adding a 7th task on new courses that teach foundations.
  • Added some material to tie in the figure
  • Sending a couple of paragraphs on tools


  • Sent new paragraph that address the points that were highlighted
  • Still working on adversarial section
  • Example doesn't full address the example of mode changes
  • Not sure how much we want to put on deliverables


  • MoBIES focused on software; we want to soften this a bit
  • Try to move even further away from "embedded systems" label -> remove from first sentence
  • Combine graph with Fig 5? Or Eric may send me something


  • Add lots more references
  • Unnecessary thin-ness between 3.1 and 3.2; we have example that emphasizes connections between SoS and probabalistic; should do more on SoS and hybrid; Check RUM proposal for more
  • Could add lots more on extending control theory picture to distributed systems; lots in the RUM proposal that we could use. TCP/IP as an example
  • The probabalistic section is not as tight as it could be. Tighten up.

Action Items

  • Pablo: take another crack at SoS and add more references to hybrid
  • Eric: think about what to combine with graph
  • Richard: fold all comments in and send out new version tonight
  • Mani: send me some citations that I can include
  • Richard: take a crack at the probablistic section; Mani owns starting tomorrow
  • John: work on CV and suggested references