MURI Telecon 2005-10-26

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  • Doesn't like the figure in the proposal
  • Eagerly looking forward to part that Pablo is supposed to write
  • Phone call with Sean Callahan
    • Seems very interested
    • Put a lot of emphasis on the role of modeling


  • Add more figures; Mani will send to Richard
  • De facto running example is good, but we need to make sure that reviewers don't think this is the only thing we will do
  • JPL: very enthusiastic; would like to participate more like faculty
    • Group 1: LARS
    • Group 2: multi-robot systems
    • Interested in whether SRI would participate. If not, their work is more important and relevant
  • Probabalistic modeling checking and the role of large scale computation ("engineering" aspects)
  • Section on adversarial situation needs to be strengthened


  • Need examples that include more dynamics; will figure out how to thread this in
  • Putting in discussion on why we need methods from logic in SoS


  • Boeing meeting: Richard will integrate notes into proposal
  • AFRL/VS: lots of enthusiasm; link to AFRL themes
  • Honeywell: talking to Sonja today
  • SRI: no response

Action Items

Eric: can you summarize the work in MoBIES Pablo: send materials! Mani: pictures for random Richard:

  • Make sure running example is not considered to be the only thing we will do; add a list of other examples
  • Add section on large scale computing approaches to model checking (to be written by Gerard).
  • Add description of how this all applies to Alice; prototype of what a typical vehicle is going to be
  • Figure showing proof certificate going from lower level to higher level

Next telecon: Monday, 31 Oct, 5 pm PST