MURI Telecon 2005-10-18

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  • Discuss current draft of proposal, collecting comments on what to revise
  • Talk about partnerships and transition strategies
  • Agree on actions over the next week + time of next telecon


  • Present: Pablo, Eric, Mani

Discussion of current draft

  • Need to make the statement of work more concrete
    • Talk about toolboxes, demonstrations, etc
    • RMM to rewrite based on notes from discussion
  • Technical Approach:
    • Build on examples leading up to RoboFlag
  • Distributed computing section
    • Operators to human operators
    • "Captured": perhaps hint at geometric meaning
  • SoS section: needs to be updated (Pablo will take a pass)
  • Probabalistic: currently high level; Mani will make more complete. Good tools coming out in probabalistic modeling checking + probabalistic verification. Look at both probabilistic systems + probabalistic reasoning
  • Testbeds: keep both for now
    • Think of Alice as a specific instance of one vehicle of many
    • Complements the MVWT in terms of complexity, etc
  • Partners and transitions
    • JPL: meeting with Holtzman and his group this week (tomorrow at 9 am). Well funded. Interested in safety and security in space missions. Gerard teaches at Caltech; currently very small.
    • Boeing: working on conference call. Brainstorm about how it will benefit them.
    • Honeywell: will set up call for next week
    • AFRL: contacted VS, MN, IF; will probably not contact VA (conflict of interest)


  • Eric: block diagram showing how this would work - picking from library, put together, etc
  • Eric: add paragraph and figure about SPIN
  • Pablo: updated SoS section; include examples + safety paragraph
  • Mani: add specific example (carrying through from previous) and theorems we would like to have in probabalistic section.
  • Mani: first cut at adversarial section; then hand off to Pablo to write SoS/game theory section
  • Richard: contact SRI and set up telecon
  • Richard: contact John Bay and explore possible connections to IF