MURI Telecon 2005-10-12

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  • Discussion of reviewer comments
  • Timeline for writing the proposal
  • Agreement on high level thrusts + discussion of objectives/milestones


  • Present: Mani, Pablo, Eric

Round Robin:

  • Mani
    • Critical comments on safety and security; what does this mean?
    • What does safety mean? Should we emphasize more what we are doing (its basically in there). Address with more detail
    • Security is a hole in our current plan; Rich Doyle at JPL is interested in this. Security = man in the middle attack
    • SRI people have done work in security
    • ACTION: decide whether we want to include anything along these lines
      • Some aspects we can incorporate into our framework
  • Pablo
    • Need to figure out what they meant by security
    • We should be able to get adversarial action within objective #6 in a game theory-style approach
    • We probably need more than that - eg (from Mani): what happens when someone joins the network. How do we get the key to them?
  • Eric Klavins
    • Rada Pravendrin at UW is security in network protocols
    • Reviewers may not know what they mean by safety and security; maybe we just need to recognize that there are issues (airplane out of sky) and discuss them
    • Include an example security problem that we look at (eg, making a system unobservable)
    • Probabalistic reasoning - very interested in this. We should sort through what we want to do
    • Graph grammar for adversarial environments (composition of grammars)

General comments

  • Section 3: Flesh out probabalistc section quite a lot. Lots of interest.
  • Section 6: Pablo to flesh out + Eric on graph grammers

Timeline and Proposal Process

  • Pablo going to Singapore on 28 October
  • Running set of examples throughout the proposals
    • Specification of tasks for MVWT
    • Workshop format; follow up one year later

Next Steps

  • Outline of proposal: RMM to generate draft today and send out
    • Comments, additions, etc due by 16 Oct (Sun), 8 pm PsT
  • Meetings/telecons with partners: RMM to send out e-mail today and set these up for next week