MURI Telecon 2005-08-03

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3 Aug 05, 10 am

Round Robin

Eric Klavins

  • We need to integrate the parts better
  • We need to say more about how SoS will link to temporal logic
  • Statement that we can integrate these pieces is not there
  • Proof of concepts festival
    • Have some people come in and quickly code things up
    • Action (Richard): Take a first cut at this and send out today


  • Suggest taht we switch order of presentation
  • Action (Pablo, John): Rework SoS session after specification section. Pablo will take a first cut (with Stephen and Antonis) and then hand off to John.


  • Don't think we really know how to implement temporal logic within SoS
  • We should think about role of clocks more explicitly; not clear that CCL or Unity are the right approach to doing this
  • How do you specify things for dynamics; how do we convert to static test (without unrolling

John Doyle

  • Needs to emphasize distributed more

Action plan

  • Wed: Mani to take a pass through entire white paper
    • Set up a single challenge at the model level
  • Wed-Fri: Pablo to rework SoS section and send to John
  • Sat-Sun: John, Mani: work on integration
  • Sun pm, Mon: Richard will reformat