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This page contains information for the 2010 review of the Molecular Programming Project. The information on this page reflects activities from July 2008 to September 2010.

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Classes and educational materials

  • CDS 110a, Feedback Systems (Fall 2008) - This course provides an introduction to feedback systems and control theory. It includes biomolecular examples in lectures and homework. It is taken by advanced undergraduates and beginning graduate students.
  • Biomolecular_Feedback_Systems - This set of notes is intended for researchers interested in the application of feedback and control to biomolecular systems. It is a draft manuscript for a book that I am considering writing with Domitilla Del Vecchio, a former student now at MIT.

Undergraduate projects

  • 2008 MPP SURF: Fei Chen (Caltech Bi/EE), Integral feedback controllers using in vitro transcriptional circuits
    • Currently a Caltech student; planning to apply to PhD programs this year
  • 2008 MPP SURF: Chris Sturk (Lund University), Tuning a synthetic in vitro oscillator using control-theoretic tools
    • Conference paper - work accepted to 2010 Conference on Decision and Control (CDC), to be held in December
    • Currently working on his undergraduate degree at Lund University in Sweden
  • 2009 MPP SURF: Arjun Ravikumar (Caltech BE), Construction of an environmental stimulus receptive DNA circuit in a cell-free transcription/translation system
  • 2010 Caltech iGEM team: Lucas Hartsough (BE), Brian Ma (ME), Yuehan Huang (ChE), Alexandre Boulgakov (CS), Melissa Xu (BE), Paul Nguyen (BE)


Student Photo MPP activity Current activity
Dionysios Barmpoutis, CNS PhD student File:Barmpoutis Dionysios.jpg Crosstalk in networked systems Continuing student, working on another project
Elisa Franco, CDS PhD student Franco Elisa.jpg RNA-based in vitro transcriptional circuits Graduating in June 2011; looking for postdoctoral positions
Jongmin Kim, BE postdoc Kim Jongmin.jpg Biomolecular "wind tunnel" Continuing postdoc (MPP)
Arjun Ravikumar, BE undergraduate Ravikumar Arjun.jpg 2010 MPP SURF Continuing student
Yuehan Huang, ChE undergraduate Huang Yuehan.jpg 2010 SURF: iGEM Continuing student
Lucas Hartsough, undergraduate Hartsough Lucas.jpg 2010 SURF: iGEM Continuing student
Melissa Xu, BE undergraduate Xu Melissa.jpg 2010 SURF: iGEM Continuing student
Paul Nguyen, BE undergraduate Nguyen Paul.jpg 2010 SURF: iGEM Continuing student
Alexandre (Sasha) Boulgakov, CS undergraduate Boulgakov Alexandre.jpg 2010 SURF: iGEM Continuing student
Brian Ma, ME undergraduate Ma Brian.jpg 2010 SURF: iGEM Continuing student
Fei Chen, Be/EE undergraduate Chen Fei.jpg 2009 MPP SURF Continuing student; working with Niles Pierce
Chris Sturk, visiting MPP SURF File:Sturk Christopher.jpg 2009 MPP SURF Continuing studies at Lund University (Sweden)