ME/CS 132a, Winter 2013, Lab 2 Sign-Up

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Things to Do

Sign up for a time slot for the lab session by modifying this wiki page. You need to first log in by clicking the link at the upper right corner of this page and enter your Caltech IMSS account/password. Remember to fill in everyone's name in your group. First group of 3 to sign up will be the only group of 3.

Schedule for Lab Session

Lab Schedule:

12 Mar 2013 (Tue)
Time Names
2:30-3pm Anum Jangsher and Rebecca Lawler
3-3:30pm Shiyu Zhao and Yizhen Wang
5:30-6pm Lawrence Jenkins, Tim Meyer
14 Mar 2013 (Thurs)
Time Names
1-1:30pm Russell Smith, ???
1:30-2pm Hima Hassenruck-Gudipati, Kim Furuya
2-2:30pm Ben Razon, Judy Mou
2:30-3pm Brian Thompson, Annie Chin
3-3:30pm Tuling Ma, Mikhail Sushkov
3:30-4pm Richard O'Dowd, Mariya Vasileva
4-4:30pm Gregory Izatt, Matthew Dughi
4:30-5pm Samuel Jones, Chris Dudiak
5-5:30pm Bryan He, Paul Zhang
5:30-6pm Shir Aharon, Tiffany Huang, Steven Okai

RPIN Assignment

Note to students: Do NOT edit this section.

RPIN Assignment RPIN Assignment
Name Username Port Number Name Username Port Number
<DEFAULT> 6665 Shir Aharon saharon 7000
Diego Caporale jcaporal 7001 Annie Chin achin 7002
Chris Dudiak cdudiak 7003 Matt Dughi mdughi 7004
Kim Furuya kfuruya 7005 Hima Hassenruck-Gudipati hhassenr 7006
Bryan He bryanhe 7007 Tiffany Huang tahuang 7008
Greg Izatt gizatt 7009 Anum Jang Sher ajangshe 7010
Cole Jenkins ljenkins 7011 Sam Jones sjones 7012
Rebecca Lawler rlawler 7013 Tuling Ma tma 7014
Tim Meyer tmeyer 7015 Judy Mou xmou 7016
Richard O'Dowd rodowd 7017 Steven Okai sokai 7018
Ben Razon brazon 7019 Russell Smith rssmith 7020
Michael Sushkov msushkov 7021 Brian Thompson bthompso 7022
Mariya Vasileva mvasilev 7023 Eric Wang ywang3 7024
Paul Zhang pzhang 7025 Shiyu Zhao szzhao 7026