ME/CS 132a, Winter 2012, Lab 2 Sign-Up

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Things to Do

Sign up for a time slot for the lab session by modifying this wiki page. You need to first log in by clicking the link at the upper right corner of this page and enter your Caltech IMSS account/password. Remember to fill in everyone's name in your group.

Schedule for Lab Session

12 March 2012 (Mon)
Time Names
13 March 2012 (Tue)
Time Names
11-11:30am Supriya Iyer and Riley Patterson
1-1:30pm Daniil Kitchaev and Brad Saund
2-2:30pm Martin Michelsen and Ilya Nepomnyashchiy
3-3:30pm Tim MacDonald and Kristen Holtz
4-4:30pm Mary Nguyen, Alex Jose, Wei Dai
5-5:30pm Yifei Huang and Vivian Zhang
6-6:30pm Tuan Anh Le and Chuan-Song Lin

RPIN Assignment

Note to students: Do NOT edit this section.

RPIN Assignment RPIN Assignment
Port Number Name Port Number Name
6665 <DEFAULT> 6666 Ilya Nepomnyashchiy
6667 Brad Saund 6668 HongAn Nguyen
6669 Chuan-Song Alan 6670 Alex Jose
6671 Tuan Anh 6672 Daniil Kitchaev
6673 Martin Michelsen 6674 Vivian Zhang
6675 Russelln russelln 6676 Riley Patterson
6677 Supriya Iyer 6678 Timothy MacDonald
6679 Wei Dai 6680 Yifei Huang
6681 Kristen Holtz 6682 Arun Venkatraman