ME/CS 132a, Winter 2010, Lab 1 FAQ

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Course Server Usage

  • How do I share my files with other people in my group?
    • Answer: The server is set up such that students do not have access to other users' directory. However, under the system root directory (/), we have created a directory named shared, to which each user have full read and write permissions. If you would like to share a file/directory with other users, you can copy it to /shared by running:
      $ cp <my_file> /shared/
      or for a directory,
      $ cp -r <my_dir> /shared/
      After this, other users may run:
      $ cp /shared/<my_file> <destination>
      $ cp -r /shared/<my_dir> <destination>
      to get the shared contents. Remember that /shared is readable and writable by everyone, so you may want to remove them after sharing.

Code Compilation

  • I saw a warning message "/usr/bin/ld: warning:, ..." after running "make"
    • Answer: This message is safe to ignore (but this doesn't mean you should ignore all warnings in the future!). In case that you are curious, the reason is that OpenCV and the Bumblebee driver on this machine are using two different versions of the dc1394 library.