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This page contains information regarding the discussion group for the paper "Fundamental limits on the suppression of molecular fluctuations" by Lestas, Vinnicombe and Paulsson. A mailing list has been set up for people who are participating in the group.

Date Topic Presenters/references
30 Nov Poll Random processes / estimation theory
  • Continuous time random processes (mainly linear)
  • Estimation theory (Kalman filtering)
Vanessa Jonsson, Dionysios Barmpoutis
TBD Stochastic differential equations
  • CME → CLE
Ophelia Venturelli, Jongmin Kim, Emzo de los Santos
TBD Mutual information, Jensen's inequality, data processing theorem Niranjan Srinivas, David Doty
TBD Channel capacity, Poisson communication channel Joe Meyerowitz, Erik Winfree
TBD Rate distortion theory Elisa Franco + Richard Murray
TBD Optimization (KKT etc) TBD