How do equations given for dynamics on slide 10 relate to the state-space setup we used before?

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A state space model attempts to model the states of a system, and provide a description for how they will evolve over time. Thus, the equations given for dynamics on slide 10 are a state-space system. The other type of system we will study is frequency domain.

Before, we used the setup dX/dt = A*X + B*u, where X was our state vector and u was the control. This requires the dynamics to be linear with respect to X. On slide 10, the dynamics are not linear, so we can't directly write it in the form used before (later we will learn about linearizing non-linear systems)

I'm not entirely sure what you wanted to know, so if the above doesn't clarify it for you, please email me and I'll try to better explain.

--Lindzey 21:43, 9 October 2006 (PDT)