Hovercrafe Batteries and Charger Details

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Batterie Specs

MVWT II Design Documentation, Wildanger et al, Sep 03, lists the batteries used as:

  • 2 7.2v 950mAh Duralite batteries (PPD-7092)
  • 1 7.2v 1800mAh Duralite battery (PPD-7092)

For three batteries total- which makes sense form the velcro pattern on the base. The identical part numbers for the different batteries is confusing, I found a online store implying that the PPD-7092 part number goes with the 950mAh battery. On the Duralite web site they aren't selling batteries with these specs anymore. Duralite's current generation of batteries have more mAh, are rated at 7.4volts, and weigh more.


  • Duralite battery chargers are primarily designed to be hooked up with a "jumper cable" like cable to a 12v car battery kind of thing. This can be spoofed with a standard lab bench power supply. Make sure the center post of the plug going into the charger is negative
  • The online directions state that the light on the charger should light up when the battery being charged is plugged in - through its yellow lead, and then the light goes out when the battery is charged. It is reccomended that batteries not be left un-attended when charging, and to unplug them when fully charged.

Battery Preperation and Care

  • Fully charged 7.4v battery shows 8.2 - 8.4 volts when under no load. (7.4 volts under 1 amp)
  • Do not discharge to under 5.5 volts.
  • Batteries are drained at 6.9 volts under 1 amp load.
  • Only charge using yellow lead
  • Only power load using black lead