Honeywell 2005-10-26

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NASA Intelligient Systems Program

  • Tried hybrid systems; failed on dynamics
  • Tried SoS; failed on scaleability

Feedback on approach

  • Basic areas and approach are good
  • SoS certification is definitely of interest
  • Lots of potential on where these things will be needed
    • Nonlinear => need SoS
    • Reconfigurable => CPU allocation, etc
  • Broader audience: ready to listen when things are ready to use
    • Tried SoS, had some seminars, but it didn't really click
    • Still at the level where there was lots of tweaking and tuning
    • Current level is at very simple level; didn't scale to real problems
  • Need to make sure that there is sufficient contact with industry
    • Internships are tricky; have to be hired and fired
  • Industry sabbaticals?