HYCON-EECI, Spring 2011

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Eecilogo.png Specification, Design, and Verification
of Distributed Embedded Systems

Richard M. Murray, Ufuk Topcu, and Nok Wongpiromsarn

21-25 March 2011

Course Description

Increases in fast and inexpensive computing and communications have enabled a new generation of information-rich control systems that rely on multi-threaded networked execution, distributed optimization, sensor fusion and protocol stacks in increasingly sophisticated ways. This course will provide working knowledge of a collection of methods and tools for specifying, designing and verifying distributed embedded systems. We combine methods from computer science (temporal logic, model checking, synthesis of control protocols) with those from dynamical systems and control (Lyapunov functions, sum-of-squares certificates, receding horizon control) to analyze and design partially asynchronous control protocols for continuous systems. In addition to introducing the mathematical techniques required to formulate problems and prove properties, we also describe a software toolbox that is designed for analyzing and synthesizing hybrid control systems using linear temporal logic and robust performance specifications.

Course information