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Abhishek Gupta is a PhD candidate in Aerospace Engineering department at UIUC, where he works with Cedric Langbort and Tamer Basar on theoretical problems in Stochastic Control theory, Game Theory, Optimization and Information theory.

He is going to be giving a talk on Thursday May 8th, at 10am in Annenberg 213 on the existence of optimal strategies for dynamic games and teams with asymmetric information.

He will be around for most of Thursday, so please sign up below (name and location) if you would like to meet with him.


Time Person
8:30a Arrive at Caltech
9:00a Nikolai - Annenberg Lounge
9:30a Open
10:00a Seminar - 213 Annenberg
10:30a Seminar - 213 Annenberg
11:00a Richard, 109 Steele Lab (meet in Annenberg after seminar)
11:30a Open
12:00p Lunch
1:30p Open
2:00 p Doyle 210 Annenberg
2:30 p Depart for LAX