Group Schedule, Spring 2009

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This page contains information about various upcoming events that are of interest to the group.

Group Meetings

Group meetings are at noon in 114 Steele. Visitors are welcome (but be prepared to get signed up to give a talk!).

Date   Speaker
3 Apr (Fri)   Julia Braman
10 Apr (Fri)   Nok
13 Apr (Mon)   No group meeting
22 Apr (Wed)   Vanessa Jönsson
Date   Speaker
1 May (Fri)   No group meeting
6 May (Wed)   Sawyer
15 May (Fri)   Pete
22 May (Fri)   SoCal NLC
Date   Speaker
27 May (Wed)   Dom
3 Jun (Wed)   No group meeting
11 Jun (Thu)   Dionysios