George Haller, Oct 2014

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George Haller is Professor of Nonlinear Dynamics at ETH Zurich. He received his Ph.D. in Applied Mechanics at the California Institute of Technology in 1993. His work is in the area of nonlinear dynamical systems methods to solve complex problems in applied science and engineering, with a focus on devising analytical and numerical techniques for problems with nonstandard features: high-dimensional, strongly nonlinear, time-dependent or multi-scale.


  • 10 am: Clara O'Farrell, location TBD
  • 11 am: Seminar
  • Noon: lunch with faculty (Richard, Tim, ...)
  • 1:30 pm: Andy Ingersol, 150A South Mudd
  • ~2:00 pm: return to Steele
  • 2:15 pm: Tim Colonius, 113 Steele Lab
  • 3:00 pm: Monica Martinez (OK to shift to later)
  • 3:45 pm: Ioannis Filippidis (330 Annenberg)
  • 4:30 pm: Anandh Swaminathan
  • 5:15 pm: Ivan Papusha (231 Annenberg)
  • 6:00 pm: Richard

Talk Abstract

Coherent Lagrangian Vortices in Unsteady Continua

Friday, October 10th (11:00am)
306 Firestone

Lagrangian Coherent Structures (LCSs) are special material surfaces that act as organizing centers for tracer patterns in unsteady continuum motion. In this talk, a review of recent results on elliptic LCSs (generalized KAM regions) that provide an objective way to define and locate coherent material vortices in turbulent flow data. Applications to geophysical data sets will be shown, including satellite altimetry of the ocean and a cloud-video footage of Jupitar.