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This page has information on current funding in the group. It is restricted access.

Active Projects

Project title Funding source Total funding Annual (group) Duration
2007 Urban Challenge Caltech, NGC, DARPA (proposed) $1.5M $200K 1 Jul 06 - 30 Dec 07 (1.5 years)
Specification, Design and Verification of Distributed Embedded Systems MURI/AFOSR $5M $250K 1 May 06 - 30 Apr 11 (5 years)
Networked Feedback Systems in Biology ARO ICB $200K/yr $100K 1 Oct 05-???
Characterization of Insect Flight Control Systems ARO ICB $200K/yr $50K 1 Feb 03-???
Model-Based Design and Qualification of Complex Systems Boeing $300K/yr $100K 1 Jul 05 - 30 Jun 08?

Winding down: