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  • Change the learning experience for undergraduate engineering majors
  • Provide students with a large-scale, multidisciplinary design experience
  • Develop a new, practical approach to university project management

Technical Challenges

  • Organizing a diverse group to complete a large project in a resource-constrained environment
  • Adapting course structure to existing departmental curricula
  • Creating a curriculum adaptable to the needs of diverse institutions


  • Develop a set of teaching materials for university engineering projects
  • Conduct two iterations of a project engineering course
  • Produce a set of electronic tools for university project management
  • Disseminate results among a national audience


  • Refine and document our use of Bugzilla, Wiki, and chart templates
  • Write an instructor’s manual for project-based systems engineering
  • Employ an umbrella course structure to leverage existing classes
  • Draw team leads from an advanced course in Project Management