CS-EE-ME 75 Winter 2016 Homework 2

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G. Blanquart, R. Murray Issued: 5 Jan 2016, 8 pm
CS/EE/ME 75, Winter 2016 Due: 10 Jan 2016, 11:59 pm
  1. [10 points] Working with your crew, create a GOTChA chart for your activities this term, using the template shown on the course wiki. Your GOTChA chart must include:
    • A list of the specific competitions in which your subsystem plays a role (under goals)
    • Specific objectives that you will accomplish by each of the Winter 2016 project deadlines
    • A list of other groups that you need to interact with to complete your design (under technical challenges)
    • A description of how the group will manage and coordinate its activities (under approach)

    Additional notes:

    • Division leads should prepare a GOTChA chart for their division that is consistent with the overall team GOTChA chart and the individual group GOTChA charts.
    • Project and technical leads should update project GOTChA chart to reflect any changes in plan for the fall term
    • The following items should be present in your
  2. [10 points] On your crew page, document the following information (described in lecture):
    • Functional RevA design
    • Fabrication plan
    • Timeline with milestones
    • Budget
    • Crew Meeting Times
    • Action taken on RFAs/Reach out to external reviewer with specific questions
  3. In your personal space on Confluence, create a page titled "Homework #2" that has links to your crew GOTChA chart as well as a link to the crew page documenting the items in problem #2.