CS-EE-ME 75 Fall 2015 Homework 4

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A. Emami, G. Blanquart, R. Murray Issued: 12 Oct 2015, 10 pm
CS/EE/ME 75, Fall 2015 Due: 18 Oct 205, 8 pm
  1. [JIRA, 10 pts] Complete unfinished JIRA tasks that area assigned to you:
    • Mechanical, Energetics, Operations: External requirements
    • Support: Contacting potential sponsors, group specific tasks
  2. [Requirements/Specifications, 20 pts] Meet with all stakeholders (i.e. other crews) identified in HW 3 that have an impact on your external requirements and refine your requirements through discussion of how your subsystems interact. Take into account feedback received from division leads and TAs as well as the example in Monday's lecture of how vehicle weight, battery volume and chassis design all depend on one another.
  3. [Design review, 20 pts] In preparation for the requirements review (midterm exam), put together a plan for the review:
    • Project/technical leads: determine dates and times for review of each division
      • Identify the desired attendees at each review, including advisors, instructors and TAs
      • Identify the times of each review based on participant availability (minimum one TA + one faculty must be present at each review)
      • Create a Confluence page for the overall review, with links to division review pages
    • Division leads: working with your groups and crews, put together agenda for division design review
      • Each group should have ample time to describe requirements + respond to questions
      • Decide how you want to collect feedback from the design review and respond to it
      • Create a Confluence page with the draft agenda for the division review
    • Groups/crews: Provide an outline of what you will cover in the design review, along with speaking assignments
      • Each component you are responsible for should be described
      • Each person in the group/crew must speak to at least one section/component
      • Create issues in JIRA for any work that must be completed before the design review