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Students who have received a CDS minor


  1. Yakov Berchenko-Kogan, Math and CDS
  2. Fei Yang, ME and CDS


  1. Kelly Littlepage
  2. Glenn Wagner


  1. George Hines - Jonathan How (MIT)
  2. Jessica Austin - Aaron Ames
  3. Chris Schantz - Joel Burdick
  4. Johnny Zhang - John Dabiri
  5. Dave Rosen - Joel Burdick


  1. Steven Lee Brunton*, Math and CDS
  2. Jeremy Hugh Gillula*, CS and CDS
  3. Chunhui Gu*, EE and CDS
  4. Jeremy Michael Leibs*, CNS and CDS
  5. James Robert Martin*, Chemistry and CDS
  6. Amish Ashok Patel*, Aeronautics and CDS
  7. Gunnar Gibbens Ristroph*, ME and CDS
  8. Jason Byron Yosinski*, ME and CDS

* graduated with honors


  1. Eric James Cady, Physics and CDS
  2. Lyle Joseph Chamberlain, EAS and CDS
  3. Jeffrey Peter Chou, EE and CDS
  4. Zachary Thompson Dydek, ME and CDS
  5. Haomiao Huang, EE and CDS
  6. Hung Dinh Nong, ACM and CDS