CDS 140a Winter 2011 Homework 3

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G. Buzi, R. Murray Issued: 18 Jan 2011 (Tue)
ACM 101/AM 125a/CDS 140a, Winter 2011 Due: 27 Jan 2011 (Thu)

Note: In the upper left hand corner of the second page of your homework set, please put the number of hours that you spent on this homework set (including reading).

  1. Perko, Section 2.1, problem 4
  2. Perko, Section 2.2, problem 3
  3. Perko, Section 2.3, problem 2 (a)
  4. Perko, Section 2.4, problem 2 (a) (b)
  5. Perko, Section 2.5, problem 5
  6. Perko, Section 2.6, problem 3
    • The problems can be found here in case you don't have access to Perko. However, in the case of discrepancy, you should use Perko as the definitive source of the problem statement.