2010 IGERT Proposal

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This is the main page for the 2010 IGERT proposal on Information and Decision Systems. It contains information regarding schedule, activities and links to relevant sources of information. Please note that this page is publicly accessible, so don't post any non-public information here.

Principal Investigators

This is the group of faculty who are primarily responsible for writing the proposal and implementing it, if funded.

  • Caltech: Mani Chandy, John Doyle, Richard Murray (PI), Babak Hassibi, Steven Low
  • CSULA: Gary Brookfield, Fred Daneshgaran, Silvia Heubach

Affiliated Faculty

Affiliated faculty are those who will participate in advising IGERT students, teaching occasional courses and generally benefiting rom the existing of the program.

  • Caltech: Yaser Abu-Mostafa (EE/CNS), Shuki Bruck (CNS/EE), Federico Echenique (SS), Michelle Effros (EE), Tracey Ho (EE/CS), Andreas Krause (CS), Pietro Perona (CNS/EE), Charles Plott (SS), Leonard Schulman (CS), Thanos Siapas (CNS), Joel Tropp (ACM), Adam Wierman (CS), Erik Winfree (CNS/CS), Leeat Yariv (SS)


  • FGV (Brazil): Jair Koiller
  • LCCC (Lund): Anders Rantzer
  • Cambridge (UK): Frank Kelly
  • U. Melbourne (Aus): Rod Tucker
  • Chinese University of Hong Kong: Dah Ming Chiu

Proposal information

  • NSF program description (pdf)
  • Budget: $3M total over five years
    • $400K/year in first year + up to $200K for one-time infrastructure
    • $600K/year in years 2-5
    • 8% overhead cap

Proposal Schedule

  • 2-5 Mar: e-mail discussions and organization
  • 10 Mar: PI telecon
  • 12 Mar: draft proposal to everyone
  • 12-19 Mar: PI telecon
  • 19 Mar: revised proposal to everyone
  • 26 Mar: final proposal to everyone
  • 29 March: Preliminary proposal due to NSF
  • 30 September: Full proposal (by invitation)