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{{agenda item||}}
{{agenda item||}}
{{agenda item|5:00p|Pete}}
{{agenda item|5:00p|Pete}}
{{agenda item|6:00p|Odd: open}}
{{agenda item|6:00p|Odd: open (1 hr)}}
{{agenda item||Even: open}}
{{agenda item||Even: open (1 hr)}}
{{agenda end}}
{{agenda end}}

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Please sign up for a time to meet. Note that some meetings are for different lengths of time and different frequencies.


2:00p   Dionysios
5:00p   Hold: MVWT
6:00p   Open


1:30p   Dom
2:00p   Ophelia
5:00p   Pete
6:00p   Odd: open (1 hr)
  Even: open (1 hr)


2:00p   Julia
5:00p   Elisa
6:00p   Ufuk


1:30p   Mumu
2:00p   Yizhar
4:30p   Odd: Francisco
  Even: Sawyer?
6:00p   Open


2:00p   Shuo
3:00p   Andrea
4:00p   Nok
5:00p   Open