WASC 2005-03-07

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Present: Richard, Brad, Jean, Niles, Csilla, Nate

1. Introductions

2. Overview of WASC Process (see WASC home)

3. Discussion - what are the issues we should consider as possible topics for further study

  • Q: What are the issues the students see as the big deals?
    • Weekly homeworks, especially in the core
    • Not enough freshman humanities courses
    • Underuniting (across the board)
  • Course evaluations
    • Evaluations are ridiculous: some people feel we shouldn't have them, some people feel they are underutilized
    • New online version is available for core courses (apparently much better)
    • Students are much more critical face to face than on the forms
    • Ch 1: take 5 people to lunch right after class and ask how things went
    • Technological: most people aren't ready to implement solutions that exist; Caltech could facilitate this
  • New ways of teaching
    • Lectureless teaching of Ph, Ch, EE, etc
    • Experimental class to see how things work out
    • Integrated core
  • Faculty evaluation
    • Better system of award/penalty
    • More transparency: what is a raise for, how was it evaluated
  • Improving teaching
    • Get faculty to go to other faculty member courses (not enough)
    • Undergraduate TAs
    • Video tape + feedback (but painful)