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This is where I will put all the information regarding RFIDs

1. Bought low frequency rfid evaluation kit from Texas Instrument for $284.

  > Zhipu and I did some basic tests with the low frequency rfids. We were        
    interested in determining the max. velocity of the tags relative to the 
    readers beyond which the reader will not read. We did the experiment using 
    the vision system and the turn table and got an estimate of about 2 m/s.  
    Therefore, the max velocity of the robot wrt to the tags could be 2 m/s, if 
    we use the low frequency tags.
  > We abandoned the low frequency rfids since it could not read more than one 
    tags at a time. So we ordered the Series 6000- HF-I Mid-Range RFID
    evaluation kit from Texas instrument.

2. Bought Series 6000- HF-I Mid-Range RFID evaluation kit for $645.

  > No test has been done so far.
  > The individual readers from TI cost around $180. Bulk rate is yet to be 
  > POC for TI rfid is  
    Kim Knaack          Product Specialist Supervisor
    Digi-Key Corporation
    (800) 338-4105 x1535
    Fax (218) 681-3380
    I think digi-Key is the contractor for TI rfids. They handle all the  
    shipping and support for Texas Instrument.
  > Alternatively, contacted 
    Todd Dirks  Director of Sales
    SkyeTek Inc.
    Direct    (303)-615-8050
    Phone   (720)-565-0441
    Fax       (720)-565-8989

    He sent me the quote for bulk rate for the tags and readers. It is 
    available as a pdf document. I will put it in the Wiki system. Look for
    link Price Quote for SkyeTek Readers
    The tags and readers can be mixed in interms of the manufacturer. As long 
    as the readers support the tags. So we can buy tags from TI and readers 
    from Skyetek, for example.