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Here is a tentative list of what I'm planning to bring for food. If you have input please email Mary by the end of Saturday (7/29/06):

Dinners Options (4 dinners total)

Pita Pizzas - cheese, veggie, and pepperoni filled pitas are cooked until gooey on the inside and crispy on the outside Gado Gado Spaghetti - a Thai peanut sauce served over noodles Quesadillas - tortillas filled with cheese, chicken or tuna, veggies and cooked until melty and topped with salsa Pesto Pasta - pasta with a pesto and olive oil sauce Fajitas - peppers, onions, chicken, and/or refried beans fill tortillas, topped with salsa Curry with Rice - rice with a curry sauce with chicken and/or veggies Pasta with Tomato Sauce - pasta with sauce, veggies


oatmeal (variety of flavors) cream of wheat bagels honey hot chocolate coffee, tea pancakes, syrup, chocolate chips (one morning)


pita tortillas peanut butter jelly honey hummus cheese salami mustard crackers beef jerky apples oranges


granola bars gorp (good old raisins and peanuts + chocolate and other good stuff) gatorade skittles nutter butters nutella