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Apologies for the confusion!
Apologies for the confusion!
[[CDS 101/110 FAQ - Homework 2]]
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The following corrections need to be implemented in Ex. 6

1) first of all, the following units need to be changed:

>> k2 and k-1 are 1/s not uM/s

>>k1 is 1/(uM*s)

2) In the derivation of the equation expressing Caffeine as a function of Tb, you need to consider that at time t, [CS](t)=[CS](0)+[Cs Tb](t).

3) In order to get meaningful dynamics, you need to use the following values:

>> k_2 not varied

>> k_1= 2, units 1/(uM*s)

>> k_{-1}= .21, units 1/s

>> Set the final value of Tb in the step function as 200 uM

Apologies for the confusion!