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<table width=100%>
<table width=100%>
<td width=33% align=left>Prev: [[{{PAGENAME}} Previous]]
<td width=33% align=left>Prev: [[{{{{PAGENAME}} Previous}}]]
<td width=33% align=center>[[CDS 270, Spring 2006|Course Home]]
<td width=33% align=center>[[CDS 270-2, Spring 2006|Course Home]]
<td width=33% align=right>Next: [[{{PAGENAME}} Next]]
<td width=33% align=right>Next: [[{{{{PAGENAME}} Next}}]]
<table align=right><tr><td align=right>[[CDS 270-2|CDS 270-2 Main Page]]<tr><td>__TOC__</table>
<table align=right><tr><td>__TOC__</table>

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